Mirna Ćaćić

Mirna Ćaćić, psihoterapeutkinja i vlasnica weba i obrta PsihoKreacija

Master of Social Work 

Trainee in Transactional Analysis, psychotherapeutic approach

I’ve always been really curious, even as a young child, fascinated by the questions of why we are the way we are, how we make decisions, and how we choose the people in our lives. I remember wondering a lot about who I might have become if I had come from a different family or country. What intrigued me the most was whether we are like the movie’s protagonists, who have predestined fates, or if we have complete control over the decisions we make in life.

Education and professional experience

It is not unusual that my deep curiosity about the destinies of individuals led me to the Faculty of Social Work, where my career journey officially began. Through numerous volunteer opportunities and student internships, I was able to obtain my first counseling experience during my studies. Additionally, I expanded my horizons by studying abroad. I obtained my master’s degree in European Comparative Social Studies (MACESS) in the Netherlands and another one in Human Rights and Democracy for Southeast Europe in Sarajevo. The time I spent living and studying outside the Republic of Croatia opened up my horizons. I became more receptive to new ideas and came to appreciate the importance of culture in our lives, the values of respecting diversity, and always considering the background of the person I approached.

My journey continued at the Center for Social Welfare, where I had an opportunity to acquire knowledge about the functioning of the social welfare system, and later in the NGO sector by assisting various vulnerable groups. I have worked with refugees for a while, and this experience has transformed my professional identity. Although it was challenging to work with trauma survivors, it ultimately inspired me to continue studying. I intended to encourage my clients to change their lives by addressing the root causes of the issues rather than just their effects. In addition, I struggled with personal difficulties in finding a balance between my private and professional lives. To conclude, I decided to pursue a career in psychotherapy and selected Transactional Analysis (TA) as my approach. 

Transactional Analysis

TA helped me grow as a person and an expert, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I discovered the answers I was looking for about my life, as well as practical techniques for working with people who dig deep and show depth and purpose. Apart from its broadness, the aspects of this approach that appeal to me the most are its openness, equality with the client, and ideas and values centered on the notion that everyone is fundamentally okay and capable of improvement. 

I am a member of the Association of Transactional Analysis – UTA and EATA – European Association for Transactional Analysis.

I frequently go to various workshops and trainings in different areas of psychotherapy in addition to Transaction Analysis. I’m currently developing a passion for body-oriented therapy.

In my free time, I enjoy reading good books, watching TV shows, and spending time with loved ones. I also use my therapeutic skills to analyze characters from books and TV shows, fortunately or unfortunately for the people mentioned in the previous sentence.

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