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Individual counseling or individual psychotherapy

The armchair in the middle of the road symbolizes the importance of self-reflection which is a key point in psychotherapy.
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I offer services of individual counseling and individual psychotherapy under supervision based on Transactional Analysis principles.

The price of one session is 40 euros.

Click below to learn more about Transactional Analysis.

What is individual psychotherapy?

Individual psychotherapy can provide a safe and confidential space for exploring emotions and developing new and more effective coping mechanisms for dealing with unfamiliar and stressful situations. It helps us get to know ourselves and better recognize both our own and other people’s needs. It promotes self-awareness and improves overall mental well-being. According to Transactional Analysis, the purpose of therapy is to increase a person’s autonomy. That implies awareness of one’s own resources and the possibility of free choice in different life situations.

The aim of therapy is to help the client discover parts of his life that he is not living and to give him the space to decide whether he wants to live them. 

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Set up an introductory meeting!

The introductory appointment takes place online, lasts about 30 minutes, and is free of charge.
It is used for getting to know each other, asking questions, and making agreements about future work together.

Further sessions can be arranged online or live.

Heart as a piece of the puzzle, represents the importance of emotion and love which is an important part of psychotherapy
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Education, trainings and workshops

We provide a variety of informal learning opportunities in the fields of mental health and emotional literacy. The price depends on the size of the group and the duration of the workshop.

The building with the sign "How are you?" represents the importance of mental health and group support in self-discovery.
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Informal learning in the field of mental health can be extremely beneficial in terms of self-reflection and learning more about our own needs. For our sense of belonging and support, group settings can be very healing and nurturing.

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